Lindsay Harkness

Someone ten years ago said to me, "There's nothing great about Oklahoma.  It's boring, flat, and has nothing to offer."  I decided right then and there to start documenting all the images that capture why I have always loved my home state.  Since starting my photographic journey I have witnessed the changing face of our state as buildings have changed or been torn down.  However some of those changes are because we have grown and excelled in a time when many cities have not.  Our state may be geographically flat, but it is full of interest, diversity, and certainly not boring.

This body of work has grown beyond just documentation for myself.  Over the years people have purchased my work as gifts for themselves or to give to a loved one who now live out of state.  The nostalgia of my images often overwhelms people as they reminiscence about favorite memories.  It makes me happy to know i have captured images that are sentimental to my fellow Oklahomans.